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OmniWerk Über uns

About Us

We bring the right ideas to life and help to move the world forward.

Every day we work on our own projects, as well as our customers' products, and develop fully functional prototypes. We combine engineering with production and accompany the process from idea to mass production, so that outstanding innovations are quickly available to everyone on the market.

Elias Domeisen und Jürg Senti

Elias Domeisen

Co-Founder & Management

Elias' background includes the entire process of developing a product from an idea: Starting with business development, process and product development, industrial design, testing and customer interaction, and culminating as Chief Creativity Officer at OmniWerk. He uses his knowledge to find the most appropriate solution for each challenge.

Jürg Senti

Co-Founder & Engineer

Jürg is OmniWerk's pragmatic enthusiast and bean counter. In addition to his experience in research & development, strategic purchasing and, as a sales engineer at established international companies, he has also gained experience in finance and accounting at a fast growing startup.

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