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And we breathe it into them. You have a vision? Perfect, contact us and we will get your product off the paper and into your hands.

free of charge, non-binding and confidential

Produktentwicklung und Prototyping

Product Development

How do you implement your desired function? Which options meet the requirements of your customers? How can you save costs? What do you want your product to look like?

Get answers to these questions during the development process. This will help you make the right decisions to get the most out of your innovation budget.

Learn more about product development methods.


How do you find out whether the path you are taking with your product development is efficient and goal-oriented?
With prototypes of course, which you receive early on. T
hanks to extensive testing, you learn how your product will be received on the market.

We quickly put your concepts into practice and thus validate your ideas and their implementation in record time.


Learn more about prototyping methods.

OmniWerk, the Idea Workshop

Get a free consultation

Absolutely confidential and without obligation, about an hour long. To prepare, we have a few more questions:

How can we support you?

Thank you very much! We will be happy to contact you in the coming days.

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Produktentwicklung und Prototypenbau
Thomas Burger
Head of Technology at Barcol-Air Group AG
Barcol-Air Group Logo.png
"The guys from OmniWerk supported us in our development project for UV-C air sterilizers energetically, quickly and uncomplicatedly with their know-how and machinery. 
Thanks to their creative ideas, we were able to include some add-ons to the product that we hadn't even thought of before. We wish OmniWerk many more exciting projects and look forward to the next one with them!"

Come in, we will show you around

Simply click on the image to start the virtual tour. In the videos you will see how we work and with which machines we accomplish our goals.

Omniwerk Werkstatt 360 Tour
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